Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Insurance

This insurance covers maritime liabilities incurred by you in direct connection with the operation of your Yacht.

P&I (Protection and Indemnity) Insurance

The cover protects owners against losses and liabilities towards third parties for the following major types of claims:

  • Employer’s Liability (e.g. medical expenses, repatriation, compensation claims for death or injury of Crewmembers),
  • Third party injury and death claims, (e.g. guests, day workers and persons not carried onboard)
  • Collision (Excess liability for collisions in cases where the amount of insurance under third- party liability insurance is insufficient)
  • Fixed and floating objects (e.g. damage to docks)
  • Indirect damage (e.g. caused by wakes or swells)
  • Oil and other polluting substances
  • Fines (e.g. for breach of any immigration law or regulation, in respect of accidental pollution, for smuggling or infringement of customs regulation)
  • The cover also includes costs and expenses incurred in investigating and handling claims falling within the Rules.
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